8 Tips you should know before traveling

  • Do a search for your destination, read some research about the country you are going to visit, find out its currency, customs, traditions of people, places you can visit and the general atmosphere of the area.

  • Select the airline you fly to , hotel you will stay or apartment for rent and book your room .

  • If you have a pet, you have to find a place for him , many hotels not allowe pets living 

    • Pack all your luggage, especially the important ones, such as clothes suitable for the atmosphere of your destination, your medicines, electronic charger, aid kit, and make sure you weigh your bags so that they do not exceed the allowable baggage weight.

    • Clean your home before traveling, cover the furniture so that it does not get dirty, get rid of foods that are about to expire, so that you can find your home clean when you return to it.

    • Pay all your bills so you don’t lose your services when you return.

    • Give a trusted friend a key to your home so he can water your plants and also as a backup in case of an emergency.

    • Activate the alarm in your home before you leave to avoid theft.

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