8 Ways To Choose Your Jewelry Right

  • Choose accessories carefully, such as matching metal accessories, and avoid wearing a number of accessories at the same time, because wearing many of them will overwhelm your appearance and distort.

  • Wear bold or colored accessories with natural colors, such as black, navy, beige, and oily to give your outfits such as wearing a pink belt, red with a black or navy dress, and wearing a yellow or orange scarf or shoes with oil or Khaki. It is great to wear a large multicolored necklace, or large earrings with a white shirt.

  • Avoid wearing the same color in uniform. Or wear a black-and-white ornate shirt with a medium-sized blue pendant, or blue earrings. When you wear red trousers with red sunglasses, or a red scarf it will look elegant and striking, so don’t be monochromatic.

  • You can use many colors in fashion using accessories, for example if your costume is black ornate, you can wear green bracelets to accentuate the green color of the leaves in the costume. You can tie two colors together using an accessory, such as wearing a beige trousers and a pink shirt, and then add a scarf with the two colors together, so it looks like you’ve chosen your clothes carefully and tastefully.

  • Compare accessory sizes. When wearing large earrings, wear a small necklace or not. Do not let the accessories cover the details of their distinctive costume, nor wear two striking pieces of accessories together.

  • Choose accessories that highlight your beauty, such as wearing a scarf that matches the color of your eyes. This will make your face look bright, wearing a large curved earring will accentuate your cheekbones, and slightly raised shoes will make your legs look longer.

  • You can only make a bold make-up as an accessory, with hair if styled in a striking way, or with nails if you paint them with nail art.

  • You can spend money on a classic piece of accessory, as the classic accessory remains popular no matter how fashion changes, such as diamond jewelery, silver or gold, and high-quality gold.

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