How To Coordinate Clothing Colors

Use the color wheel

The best way to choose colors for clothing and fabrics is to use a color wheel.It helps to choose colors that are consistent with each other and makes the eye feel good when you see them. Colors are divided into warm and cool colors. Examples of warm colors are orange, yellow, and red. Cold colors are examples: green, blue, and purple. When you mix warm colors with cool colors, a new color is produced. White, gray, and black are neutral but important to properly coordinate clothing.

Avoid combining complementary colors

Complementary colors are colors that emphasize and complement each other, but they are conflicting on the color wheel, for example orange and blue. It is preferable to avoid combining two complementary colors.Only high-confidence personalities who love bold dress tend to combine these colors, but there is a great way to use complementary colors together in a beautiful way; Blue color with shawl and pale gold shoes.

Use similar colors

Similar colors are colors that are contiguous on a color wheel such as green, yellow or red and orange.These colors look close together, and are nice to the eyes when combined together.It should be noted that you should avoid putting more than three similar colors in a uniform.

Use primary colors

The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue, and the combination of these colors has a beautiful landscape but only the courageous character that dare to wear them.

Do not mix some colors together

Some colors should be avoided, but some people still fall into it, such as blending black with blue, black with brown, brown with archery, or white with cream.

Symmetrical colors

The combination of symmetrical colors in clothing gives a stylish appearance, these colors exist together in nature, and are determined on the color wheel by choosing one color and then skip the next color and choose the color after.

Monotonous colors

Monotonous means the use of only one color in uniform, the use of one color in different tones, or the use of neutral colors in different tones such as gray tones, and these colors are worn on formal or semi-formal occasions.

Tri-colors in color coordination

You should pay attention to the tricolor colors when choosing clothes, and these colors are: Base color: It is the main color that occupies most of the area of ​​the costume, such as the black suit. Secondary Color: The secondary color can be close to the primary color or significantly different from wearing a white shirt with a black suit. Light or bright colors: The most contrasting color with primary and secondary colors, used to emphasize and draw attention to certain parts of the outfit

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