How To Learn Coordinate Clothes

Choose the right colors

Choosing the right colors is one of the most important things to pay attention to when formatting the clothes. Choose the color of a major piece of clothing, such as a dress or coat, depending on the design’s dominant color, then choose small or complementary pieces, such as a bag or shoe, depending on the color used slightly in the design.

Use the color wheel to see the complementary colors, and the complementary colors here mean opposite colors, which are corresponding to each other in the color wheel, such as black and white, because these colors look great when combined together, for each color there is a complementary color, which is the exact color corresponding to the wheel The best and most integrated colors are the exact opposite colors, but some other colors, such as light yellow green, can be combined with the corresponding color from the outer edge, such as dark violet.

Choose colors that are in the same category, for example, colored together, earthy together, and so on. Choose white or black clothes when a person is confused, or any other neutral colors, such as indigo, khaki, gray, blue, gold, silver, etc ..

Coordinate clothing by body shape

pear shape

The shoulders and trunk area of ​​the pear body is narrower than the hips area, so avoid wearing clothing that is sleeveless, or oversize jackets; jeans and tight trousers, thin skirts, and fabrics that show curves, such as silk. It is recommended to look for a detailed jacket to accentuate the shoulders, and to wear jackets with a neck opening in the shape of a boat, to expand the shoulders line to balance the shape of the lower body.

Oval body

The oval has a fuller waist that is wider than the rest of the body.You should wear loose clothing around this area.Avoid wearing what attracts attention to it, such as high waist pants and belts.It is also recommended to wear slim-cut pants, with short vests, because Attract attention to the legs, wear loose dresses with high heels, or a wide short jacket at the stomach area, and may be long sleeves, or large, which looks modern, and can also wear a tight jacket just under the chest area, and then become wide That’s where it gives a beautiful shape To the body.

Hourglass body

The waist in the body of the sand watch is narrow, the chest is large, and the hips are full, so it is advisable to avoid wearing clothes that do not have a certain shape, or those in the form of a square, short and large oversize, and can wear high waist pants that attract attention to the waist , The triangle-shaped jackets, and narrow skirts at the waist and slightly wider later.

Rectangle body

The shape of the rectangular body has a single shape from the bottom to the top, so you can choose styles that fit comfortably in the middle of the body, so as to determine the shape of the body, should avoid tight dresses from all over the body, or clothes that are wide at the waist, and can wear tight pants At the waist, slightly wider at the pelvic area, to give the shape of the body, wear a tight jacket to accentuate the waist, or wear a jacket with feminine sleeves, such as those with ruffles or seams, which give the shoulders a size that makes the waist look smaller compared to the bottom From the body, and it is recommended to wear t-shirts Which gives a broad region Subject to Ambasslh larger form.

Take care of accessories

Accessories give a personal touch to the overall appearance.Often, the colors are chosen with neutral clothes, so that the person can combine them whenever possible, so you can choose the colors of strong and bold accessories, or choose accessories consisting of new materials, such as glossy materials and feathers, An interesting addition to the accessories can be used in some way, such as buttons that are easy to use, and do not require much money.

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