Lighting switches and dimmer

As part of the smart home smart lighting is considered one of the most important modern applications and is now available in the electronic markets after the forms of smart switches Smart Touch, which has the feature of WiFi to connect them to routers in homes, offices, companies or hospitals to be integrated within the wireless network and controlled wirelessly through Mobile using its own free application. These smart switches with touch and WiFi feature give the user the following advantages :

   1) Attractive and modern appearance of the light switches because of a strong glass layer easy to clean and waterproof and fire-resistant contain lighting buttons and illuminates automatically when installed and easily connected so that the user can access in the absence of light.

2) Easy to install and connect and do not require adjustments in electricity and easy pairing with home Wi-Fi network through its application.

3)Download Jinvoo Smart app To control the management of the house from the Google Store.

4)Ease of use of the application and the division of the house into rooms and renamed, and linking the smart keys Wi-Fi home by application and classification of smart keys in these rooms on the house for easy access and control.

5)Easy to access and control smart keys all over the house from one application and from anywhere in the world, and know the status of lighting works or not working and the possibility of working time programming for all buttons and determine the time of operation and stop, and the possibility of programming several buttons to control them with one click and called the feature Smart Scenes.

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