Tips to care for your nails and lengthen them

  • Take biotin supplements.

  • Many foods rich in vitamin B7 help stimulate the growth, lengthening and strengthening of nails. , Cheese, fish, chicken.

  • Reduce the exposure of the nails to water.

  • Avoid exposing nails to harmful detergents and other chemicals.

  • Excessive exposure of the body to warm climate.

  • Chill the nails one way once a week, or each time you break or peel.

  • Stop biting them.

  • Apply a layer of colored or unpainted nail polish, as it provides a layer of nail protection and strengthens it.

  • Natural ingredients for nail care and lengthening

    Coconut oil :

    Coconut oil helps to promote the health of the nails, because it contains a lot of nutrients necessary for the nails, which moisturize and strengthen effectively, in addition, coconut oil contributes significantly to the treatment of many problems that may be exposed to nails, Such as infections, or fungi.

    Orange juice :

    Orange juice contains very large amounts of vitamin C, which in turn encourages the production of collagen, and thus make the nails healthy, strong, in addition to vitamin C, orange juice also contains folic acid, which helps significantly to grow and lengthen nails.

    Flaxseed oil :

    Flaxseed oil is one of the recipes effective in stimulating the growth of nails, and care; because it contains very large amounts of omega-3 fatty acid and it contains other nutrients such as: vitamin B, magnesium, potassium, lecithin, zinc, protein In addition, flaxseed oil helps treat nail problems such as breakage, dryness and fragility.

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